Where Do You Place Your Display Ads?

According to the latest numbers from market-research outfit comScore, Facebook is leading the pack with their share of display ads at 23%. This is mostly because search engines like Google and Yahoo rely more on text-only advertising, than display ads. This is in stark contrast to Facebook, where display ads are much more common, appearing … Continue reading

Instant Search Results with Google Instant!

Google Instant is a relatively new feature to Google that allows searchers to find relevant results as keywords are typed. It has business owners everywhere wondering what the impact will be on their SEO and SEM strategies. The biggest impact will be made on the “long tail” or on the businesses that fall much farther … Continue reading

Advertising Tips to Live by for Your Small Business

Advertising is a crucial part of marketing your small business. It helps customers learn about your product or service, and if done correctly, it should help customers recall that product or service when they need it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when constructing an ad campaign for your small business: Make it … Continue reading

Website Content Automation

Do you ever get tired of generating content and think of using an automation tool? Using an automation tool to generate content for your website on an on-going basis may seem like an efficient and smart idea but the truth is, it really isn’t! For starters, automation tools aren’t able to detect the quality of … Continue reading

Facebook “Checks in” With Geo-Targeting app

A new Facebook app is changing the way small businesses use internet marketing, yet again. The newly introduced Facebook Places geo-targets customers, much like the popular social networking websites like Foursquare and Gowalla. Facebook Places allows businesses to interact with customers in their area. Facebook users can share their location and their activities with their … Continue reading

Connecting Your Website with Email Marketing

No matter how much effort you put into your website, people just won’t look at it without being prompted. This is the unfortunate truth for many small business owners who have websites where they occasionally post new material. Unlike blogs and other social media sites, potential customers don’t check their neighborhood small business websites on … Continue reading

Are search engines too dependent on Key‘words’?

We’ve all seen the ads for Bing – “the decision engine” on TV, but does it really deliver what it promises? From my experience: no, sadly it does not. Many of the same results can be found on Google, Yahoo, or even Ask.com, usually ranked in a similar order, though there can be some discrepancies. … Continue reading

Jumpstart your business with a Field Trip

Yes, you heard right! How about a little field trip? As a small business owner it can often be hard to “think-outside-the-box” when you are steeped with work, juggling the demands of daily business operations, management and leadership while trying to come up with creative ways to run a business. Does that sound familiar to … Continue reading

Financing Small Businesses in this economy

Making a difference in credit practices to stimulate the economy.

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