Website Content Automation

Do you ever get tired of generating content and think of using an automation tool? Using an automation tool to generate content for your website on an on-going basis may seem like an efficient and smart idea but the truth is, it really isn’t! For starters, automation tools aren’t able to detect the quality of … Continue reading

Conversion Optimization

Everyone knows that because of the way the internet is designed and utilized, businesses tend to lose nearly fifty percent of the visitors to their website on the first page. How can small businesses take action against this dismal conversion rate? The answer is quite simple – have a well designed website! The design of … Continue reading

Facebook “Checks in” With Geo-Targeting app

A new Facebook app is changing the way small businesses use internet marketing, yet again. The newly introduced Facebook Places geo-targets customers, much like the popular social networking websites like Foursquare and Gowalla. Facebook Places allows businesses to interact with customers in their area. Facebook users can share their location and their activities with their … Continue reading

At a loss for Keywords/Phrases?

Trying to decide on the optimal keywords to use for website SEO can often be daunting and painstaking. The latest tool provided by Google may just be what you need to trigger keywords/phrases that would be most suitable for use on your website or any other searchable sites. Google’s Wonder Wheel mind maps the search … Continue reading

“Green” Marketing

All of this talk about being environmentally conscious, going green, global warming etc; has got me thinking about the impacts we have as businesses. We have, over the years added our share to the landfill problems by the amount of paper we have generated for our marketing campaigns. That was our way of keeping in touch with our existing and potential customers. While … Continue reading

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