Website Content Automation

Do you ever get tired of generating content and think of using an automation tool?

Using an automation tool to generate content for your website on an on-going basis may seem like an efficient and smart idea but the truth is, it really isn’t! For starters, automation tools aren’t able to detect the quality of the articles and information they’re sifting through. Using an automation tool could reduce the value of your website and make it seem like you are either uninformed about your field of business or that you don’t care about the work you’re doing. If viewers of your website have to sift through a few meaningless articles to get to a good one, then you can be sure they’re going to go somewhere else for the information the next time.

Another disadvantage of using an automation tool is content duplication. Automation tools take existing information and re-create it on your website. This means that the duplicate information is somewhere out there, and can be found using the same keywords. This could significantly decrease your SEOs effectiveness, if all your articles have duplicates out there that are also coming up on search engines, leading potential customers away from your website and ultimately to websites where the content was originally posted.

The best strategy that we can offer for small business owners is to create your own content. Not only will it make you appear more knowledgeable about your field, it will give you a creative advantage over your competition, and show your clients that you are passionate about what you do!


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