Are search engines too dependent on Key‘words’?

We’ve all seen the ads for Bing – “the decision engine” on TV, but does it really deliver what it promises? From my experience: no, sadly it does not. Many of the same results can be found on Google, Yahoo, or even, usually ranked in a similar order, though there can be some discrepancies.

So what’s the big deal with the “decision engine?” Well, the thought that you’re not just looking for a particular word, but the idea behind it. Though not realized entirely to its capacity by Microsoft, the wise people at Google have just grabbed the ball and are about to run for a touchdown.

Google is now working in collaboration with Metaweb, a fairly recent startup that uses ‘entities’ rather than just words when connecting people to information on the web. It builds databases of information on all sorts of entities, and can then give the searcher or the web user a comprehensive, multi-platform look at their search terms or interests. Their video helps to explain why this will be such an important tool for today’s internet users.

The question remains, however – will Google be able to score? Well, if all goes according to Metaweb and Google’s plans, it should mean a much more comprehensive search tool, and could potentially reduce the headache caused by inaccurate tags on pertinent articles. The implications of this new technology are far-reaching and would definitely be of interest to Web-based companies in the future. It certainly would be useful to have pages of relevant information available at your fingertips through just one search term.


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