Jumpstart your business with a Field Trip

Yes, you heard right! How about a little field trip?

As a small business owner it can often be hard to “think-outside-the-box” when you are steeped with work, juggling the demands of daily business operations, management and leadership while trying to come up with creative ways to run a business. Does that sound familiar to you?

As entrepreneurs continue to attend roundtables, forums, networking sessions, workshops, or form discussion groups in the hopes of coming away from the experience, inspired, and motivated to make some much needed changes in the way they handle business, why not schedule a field trip to a local business to get those creative juices flowing?

There’s a lot that you can take away from businesses that are not similar to your own. And it could also be beneficial to schedule one of these every quarter, if not every month (if possible), to generate some creative ideas on how other businesses are innovating or coping with similar problems.

But as you ponder this idea and decide to meet with a local business of choice, be candid about your intentions when you schedule a meeting with the CEO or owner of the business. You never know, they just may even be able to provide you with solutions to some of those pesky little problems through your interaction during the field trip.


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