Mapping Green Businesses and Green Job Search

Green seems to be the color du jour these days. The Obama administration promises to create a green economy. There are businesses that are sprouting on a daily basis and jumping on the green bandwagon. We are more conscientious than ever before about our carbon footprint, and the effects that we, as individuals, or we, as a society have on the environment. To prove our committment to being green, and work towards a greener planet, we need to seek these green proponents out. Where are these so-called green businesses, or jobs? How do we find them? How do we know if these businesses are hiring, and if there are jobs available for those of us that are looking to follow-through on fulfilling the green dream?

There are several organizations that point you to alternative resources but here’s one that actually maps green businesses that focus on renewable energy and those that are focused on energy efficiency in 12 states, with a promise to include more in the future. If green is the way you want to go and if you are in the market for a job, this just may be the place to start your green job search, or pitch an innovative idea to one of the green businesses in this current state of heightened green market awareness!


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