“Green” Marketing

All of this talk about being environmentally conscious, going green, global warming etc; has got me thinking about the impacts we have as businesses. We have, over the years added our share to the landfill problems by the amount of paper we have generated for our marketing campaigns. That was our way of keeping in touch with our existing and potential customers. While that was a good way to reach our customers, the conversion rate was not any more significant than what internet marketing has to offer. With internet marketing, we can rest assured that the cost and the damage to the environment can be significantly reduced. For those of you out there who are becoming increasingly “green” conscious, internet marketing may be the alternative that you have been looking for.

An interesting blog that I read recently, suggests that over 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered by the US Postal service each and every day. Of that, on average, six of them are delivered to each household.

So, if you are considering alternative ways to market your business and not add to the already growing landfill problems, consider Internet Marketing as your “Green” alternative.


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