Alas, I have been hesitant long enough and have finally decided to make my foray into the blog-sphere. Just don’t ask me what I was waiting for…. Anyway, I came across the term “Netweaving” while I was at a seminar sometime back. Though I thought it was an interesting concept didn’t really do much in the way of applying this concept till I observed several people at a recent conference handle this process very effectively. I do believe it has been circulating for a while based on an article that I had read and since I think at some level all of us that network, do it, I thought I should revisit the concept and include it in my upcoming presentation on “Networking”.

Most of us have been conditioned to Network, for the most part, to connect with other individuals whether it be, for social or business reasons. But the impetus is generally on achieving a personal goal, ie; to form alliances to promote your business or at a social level, to form alliances to promote yourself. Netweaving works off of a slightly different model. The impetus is to help as many people. The focus shifts from self to others! For those of us who dread the thought of networking, this could really take the edge off. Hmmm! Something to think about…..


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